Take advantage of ARTS OF INDIA. Everything will come without any complication directly to your home. The minimum order amount is only 19 Euros. The shipping amount MINIMUM $ 3.95 regardless of the mode of payment. Free delivery on all orders over 250 $. Please note that deliveries of ARTS OF INDIA are possible only on the Italian national territory, with the exception of the location specified in the General Conditions.

Delivery time

Under normal operating circumstances the delivery of the goods are of 3-6 working days.


You can send the ordered goods through UPS, provided within Italian borders. Inside the truck you can find the appropriate box to spuntare.In case of complaint and made, the easiest way to return the merchandise is exclusively through UPS courier made using the coupon that you find in the package.

Delivery address and billing address

If you are often out of the home during normal business hours UPS delivery, we are of course available to recapitalize the goods to a different address, you can show us during the ordering process. The goods can then exaggeration also in the workplace, from a neighbor, friends or acquaintances.

Orders through invoicing and payment are possible only if the billing address matches your home address. If the delivery should be delivered in a different place, this address should only be entered under “Delivery Address”.

Delivery address is used only for the successful conclusion of the expedition and is not under any circumstances used to check the creditworthiness or for marketing purposes.

Communication by e-mail

When ordering the ARTS OF INDIA automatically sends you an email telling you about the fulfillment of the same. After placing your order regularly checks incoming mail in your mailbox. Below is a brief description of the messages that will be delivered:

  • Order confirmation immediately after your purchase will be sent an email confirming receipt of the order. A purchase contract is created only by sending the goods ordered, which we will inform you via email.
  • Shipping confirmation You will receive another e-mail once the parcel has been delivered to the carrier chosen. From that moment, in that under normal conditions, you can receive the package in 3 to 6 days.
  • Receipt of payment As soon as we received your payment, we’ll send you a confirmation via e-mail, regardless of the payment method of your choice.
  • As soon as confirmation of his made ​​his return will be processed by our logistics center, we will send you a confirmation email. More information on returns can be found here.